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Escape Velocity

I recently learned an interesting fact: Most of the fuel in a space shuttle is burnt in the first few minutes of launch, in order to bring the shuttle to enough speed and altitude to escape Earth's gravity without falling back. That speed is called...

What We’re Really Afraid Of

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend who recently launched an online business, and it surprised me how our fears are never what they seem to be It went something like this: B.: I need your help. I launched my product a few...

Corporate Designer vs. Startup Designer

In 2007, after four years of serving time in a large organization, I decided to work with startups. Here are some memorable conversations I’ve had in both environments.

Hackers vs. Coders

Photo Credit: Pranav Mistry Being a good hacker is an invaluable skill. But is being a coder the same as being a hacker? Is it possible that coders are at a creative disadvantage to hackers who don't know how to code? Here's a story that helped me...

Hacking The Status Game

Last year, I played a game that changed my life. I was taking an improv class, and the instructor gave us a game to play before getting on stage, so that we can turn off our over-rationalizing minds and get into the flow. The game was called...