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9 Lessons Learned Going from 0 to 50,000 Customers In 3 Years

How does a single blog post on UI prototyping become an MVP built in 3 hours, and later a product used by over 50,000 designers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and teachers in more than 80 countries? Is it enough to create a product and "just...

Hacking The Ultimatum Game

Ever heard about the ultimatum game? It's probably one of the most important concepts related to entrepreneurship, and one that had profound impact on my business. Here's how it works: You're walking down the street when someone approaches you with...

How to Turn Failures Into A Lifetime of Success

Every one fails at some point or another. However, very few can survive so many failures, and fewer would take one hit after another, and turn them into a lifetime of accomplishments. The following is the true story of a man who did exactly so......

How To Die With No Regrets

It all happened too fast... The raft entered the rapid, heading directly toward the rock wall, and bouncing up and down through the waves. I heard the guide yelling something about leaning in and holding on. The side of the raft hit the rocks and...

Should you quit your job to work on your startup idea?

Over the years, I've heard mixed opinions about this topic. Some people say keep your job and work on your idea on the side, because you need the income and you never know if your idea is good enough. Others say having a job will prevent you from...