Standing out – Advice from Seth Godin

In his book, Purple cow, Seth Godin gives very valuable advice on how to stand out from the crowd.  Here are some key points from the book:

  • Being remarkable doesn’t mean likable. Remarkable means “worth making a remark about”. Whether it’s positive or negative, that’s up to you.  Or as Oscan Wilde put it: “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”
  • You need to figure out who cares about your business, and cater to these customers.
  • Being normal is boring. Being very good is the opposite of being outstanding. Being safe is risky.
  • Once you have a purple cow, milk it to the last drop. Create a team of milkers who take full advantage of your success, and a team of innovators who create your next purple cow.
  • Differentiate your customers, and cater to the most profitable and reward the most influential ones.
  • Pick an underserved niche in your industry and cater to their needs. Pick the smallest conceivable market and create a product that’s remarkable enough to overtake it. Make it fresh and intriguing. And market it to those who desperately need it.
  • Being remarkable isn’t always just about the product. It may be the way you pick up the phone, or the way you care about your customers.
  • Make your product or service conversation-provoking. Make it an idea and a story that spreads.
  • Find the influencers and target them. They will create a great word of mouth campaign for you.
  • Examing your four P’s (Product, Pricing, Positioning and Publicity), determine your outer limits, get out on the edge, and don’t be afraid of getting started.

The book is a light and enjoyable one, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to start a business and succeed by being remarkable.

And here is a video presentation by Seth from TED about the same topic.

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